Lunch on the Riverbank

Our lunches are an event to remember. The secret ingredients are lovely surroundings, hearty fare and the attention of all of us involved in putting your banquet together.Good to KnowThis is an open-air affair. We try to ensure everything you eat is straight from a local garden or larder. The bread, butter and "smetana" will be home-made. As are the pickles, potatoes, borshch or okroshka soup, and "kulebiaki" (sweet cabbage pies). Aunt Lusya will be manning the stove herself!

We aim to keep the menu varied, so will contact you to let you know what to expect. Traditional Russian food is the theme. It is served by local villagers who'll delight in pestering you to try their "kulebiaki"!

We'll arrange a site for the lunch before you set out. It is up to you whether we tell you where it'll be. Some people like surprises! Whatever the case, we've plenty of experience at picking the perfect spot.

If you have special dietary needs or allergies, be sure to make us aware of them when booking.

Our rustic lunch costs ₽12,000. For groups of more that 10, we charge an extra ₽1000 per person.
Off We Go!
We can discuss the details of your trip by email. All you need do is get yourself to the River Nerl.

Send any questions you have to, or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Or plan your trip below.
Boat for 2-3 persons:
One-day trip: ₽3000 per adult, ₽1000 per child.
Two-day trip: ₽5000 per adult, ₽1500 per child.

Bike hire:
One-day trip: ₽1500 per person.
Two-day trip: ₽2500 per person.

Tent hire:
₽3000 for two days.

₽12,000. For groups of more that 10, we charge an extra ₽1000 per person.

Choose Your Journey

How to Get Here

The train is the quickest and most comfortable way to reach us from Moscow.
Moscow – Vladimir
Take any Vladimir-bound train from the Kursk railway station. We recommend the Lastochka, Strizh or Sapsan express services, which offer a journey time of 1 hr 40 min.

* One-way fares start at ₽500. We would advise you to reserve ahead of time, as tickets can sell out quickly.
Vladimir - Reka Mira (village of Zapolítsy)
We would recommend you take a taxi from the railway station in Vladimir to the start of your boat ride. Local taxi services can be contacted at +7 (492) 241-41-41, +7 (492) 260-06-00, +7 (492) 230-30-30 or via the Yandex Taxi mobile app. If your Russian is not up to the task, contact us and we'll arrange the ride for you.

* The taxi ride should come to around ₽400-600.
The drive from Moscow by car is 125 miles along the Gorki Highway. The journey time varies enormously with time of day and day of the week, but is unlikely to be less than 4 hours. We would advise you to avoid weekends at all costs, when the same journey can take more than 8 hours.

What to Bring With You

We would recommend that you bring:
  • comfortable clothing (bearing in mind the time of year)
  • footwear – flipflops or running shoes
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • insect repellent (if you are camping out)
  • headgear
  • swimwear
  • towel
  • wet weather gear (if rain is forecast)
  • drinking water
We will provide:
  • hamper of food (cheese, bread, fresh veg)
  • life jackets
  • route map with history of the area
  • waterproof bag for your phone and other valuables
Can I leave stuff somewhere?
You are welcome to leave your belongings with us for safe-keeping. We'll return them to you safe and sound at the end of your trip.