What time do we set off?
We like to get people onto the water between 11:00 and 12:00.
Where do the trips begin?
Both the one-day and two-day trips begin from the village of Zapolítsy (Google Maps ref:https://goo.gl/maps/sVwKztmA2CAjXkZG8)
How do I get to the beginning of the route?
Once you have confirmed your reservation with us, we'll send you instructions for getting to the starting point. As a general guide, the taxi ride from Vladimir (easily reached from Moscow by train) costs around ₽400.
Is it feasible to get there by car?
We do not recommend journeying here by car, particularly at a weekend. Even if you leave early, it is still likely to take you 5 hours or more.
What do we do for food during the trip?
We provide you with a hamper of locally-sourced food before you set off, containing seasonal vegetables, bread, eggs and cheese. You are not going to go hungry.
Are we accompanied by a guide?
Our trips are self-guided. You make your own way down river, at your own pace. We do provide a map and instructions, and are always a phonecall away if you should need to talk to someone.
Is the trip suited to children?
Absolutely. We encourage young families to bring their children along. Children take centre stage in our lives, and will enjoy the same role in your boat! We do not generally recommend the trip for those under 3, although you know your own children better than we do!
Can I bring my dog?
Yes. Dogs love the trip every bit as much as their owners!
Can you provide food for large groups?
We' can have a Russian feast waiting for you all at the end of your trip. All the food is prepared by local people. Contact us to discuss what you would like.
What should I take for the one-day trip?
- Swimwear, towel
- Hat to protect you from the sun
- Sunglasses and sunscreen
- Wet weather gear (just in case)
- Flipflops (or running shoes will be just fine)
- Drinking water
What do I need for the two-day trip?
- A tent (or hire one from us)
- Sleeping bag and ground sheet/roll mat
- Warm clothes
- Insect repellent
- Food for breakfast and supper (and probably something to cook in and matches)
- Drinking water
Can I hire a tent for one day, instead of two?
Sorry, tents are only available to those on our two-day boat trips. Thy hire charge is ₽3000 for the two days.
What is the general plan?
You get yourself to the village of Zapolítsy (Google Maps ref:https://goo.gl/maps/xYt5iJmM86k3hNou5). We bring the boats to the starting point, along with all the equipment you'll need, a map and your food hamper. And we agree when and where you'll be calling a halt. We then meet you at the other end, take care of the boats, and assist you with calling a taxi or getting you to your car.
Where can I find a map of the routes?
Try here.
If I stay overnight, will you help me find a place to pitch my tent?
Of course. We know the very best places!
What is included in boat rental?
Life jackets, paddles, a map and a hamper of local farm produce. And, of course, a boat!
Can I go on my own?
Absolutely. This is the perfect way to get away from it all.
How many people fit in a boat?
We have boats for 2 and 3 people. We also have 2-seater canoes.
Can I take the bike route alone, not in a group?
Yes, you can! And you'll have just as much fun!
When is the next guided bike tour?
Contact us at rekamira.club@gmail.com, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook at the links below.
Is the trip suitable for small children?
We do not generally recommend the trip for children under 3, but we're certainly not going to stop you. You know your kids better than us! A river trip can be as much fun for an exuberant 2-year-old as it can be an ordeal for the accompanying mum!
Is there a special rate for children?
Children under 3 travel free. For those up to the age of 12, we charge ₽1000 for the one-day trip, and ₽1500 for the two-day trip.
Will I be able to swim? How cold is the water?
Since the river is shallow it warms up quickly. But you'll probably want to swim at the small beaches along the route.
Is fishing allowed?
Absolutely! You'll see many trying their luck on the riverbanks, although they do tend to say - when asked - that there's not much biting.
Can I bring alcohol with me?
Sorry, no alcohol. But we promise the experience will be intoxicating in itself!
Can I celebrate my birthday with a boat trip?
What a great idea! If there are 8 or more of you, you get to ride free. Contact us for details.
Where can I eat in Suzdal?
We are not affiliated with any restaurants in Suzdal, but have heard good things about the Gostinny Dvor, the Gnezdo Pekarya, Le Bazar in the Veli Hotel (a pricey option), the Grafine, the Imperial, and the restaurant in the Hotel Pushkarskaya Sloboda.
Where can I stay in Suzdal?
Breaking the journey to or from us in Suzdal would be advisable, given the distances involved. Suzdal is 20 miles from us.

As far as hotels go, we would recommend the Beli Bereg, the Pushkarskaya Sloboda and the Veli.

There also guest houses suitable for groups on http://hellosuzdal.ru/dacha. Contact Diana for details on +7-926-342-23-05. The code "REKA MIRA" will get you a 10% discount.

There are many offerings, of course, on Booking.com, including guest houses (standard and premium) which might be a cheaper and more secluded option than a hotel, as well as private houses.